Stanton Warriors @ 1014

The Stanton Warriors were in St. Louis lastnight and played at 1014 on Locust. I thought the turnout was pretty good considering it was during the week and a lot of schools are on spring break. Oh yeah, these pictures are brought to you by :)

In the booth with the Warriors. I wanted to get closer to get good shots of their gear but was told to make sure I didnt get in the way. I wouldve liked to see what software was being controlled by the midi controller(and what type of controller was being used) but the perch that is the dj booth at 1014 was too crowded with couches and DJ hoes.

A picture of Steve taking a picture.

I learned my camera sucks in big/dark places. I tried my best to get some pics of the venue however these were literally the best of the bunch. :\

Andi breaking it down outside our booth.