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Beauty from a Computer
- HAL - Harry Carry - Hallucinating - Finest Hour - User Dreams - Computer Games

Electric Chemistry
- Oscar - Cirrus Clouds - Real Life(for cats) - My Though Process - yUp - Nebula - In Heaven on911


It's Go Time(1999)

- Thinking about fighting someone? Use this 'warfare calculation device' to find out if you'll win or should get your friends to help.
AWL 2.0 (2001)- Used to keep stats for a Wiffleball league.
Rebel Mail (2003)- Winbatch script that will log you into internet mail services (ex. hotmail, excite, etc.)
SystemInfo.exe (2003)- Winbatch .exe that will obtain certain system info and save to a text file in the user homepath. (2004) - Winbatch .exe front end for the command line nmap.exe for XP

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