Cylindrical Parabolic Antenna ('free' WiFi signal boost)

Here is project that took all of about 45 minutes and cost just about 3 dollars in supplies while dramatically boosting both my WiFi projection and reception. For complete instructions and information on what is being done in this project visit this site. Here are some pics that charted my progress through out this project.

Heres a pic of the frames made for the antenna. The frames are for a 12 inch antenna.

Gluing the frame to the tin foil antenna.(pardon the focus)

First look at an antenna. Another support frame will be added more toward the top.

A view of the top of the antennas with the top frames on.

View with the antennas attached. Im going to try and make a 9 inch and 6 inch version also and see how it effects the performance. Looks pretty ghetto I know but it is free and effective.

This is a picture from netstumbler running on my laptop. This is a map of the signal with the antennas off and then later put on. You can see within the white box on this image the gaps in the signal. This is the signal before the antennas were put on. You can see how healthy the signal becomes once the antennas are put on(illustrated in the red box on the image).


Here you can see that set of 7 inch antennas look much better. I get better performance also.